Largest Pharmacogenetic Testing Ethnicity Study

AI Biotech's Study on Variant Frequencies in Ethnic Populations
AI Biotech’s Study on Variant Frequencies in Ethnic Populations

This was the first study that provided evidence on the importance of pharmacogenetic testing and how different ethnic groups to include Asians, African Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians metabolize different medications. This PGX testing study was presented at Ion World and the American Conference of Human Genetics Conference.


Emergency Hospitalizations for Adverse Drug Events in Older Americans

Article highlights PGX benefits.
Article highlights PGX benefits.

This article highlights a New England Journal of Medicine publication on the impact of ADEs and how they’re preventable causes of hospitalization, particularly in the elderly US population.

Pharmacogenetic Testing Benefits Patients and Physicians

Can Doctors ever have too much health information on their Patients?

L Squared PGX

Of course not. A patient’s metabolic profile gives physicians the extra information they need to confidently adjust drug treatments for maximum effectiveness with a lower risk of adverse drug reactions. Pharmacogenetic Testing helps to reduce the number of unnecessary adverse drug reactions that your patients experience due to insufficient data on how they metabolize medications. The test results provide therapeutic recommendations backed by clinical evidence which also helps to reduce physicians risk for improper prescriptions. According to the American Medical Association, improper prescriptions is also the leading cause of malpractice suits with over 80,000 cases per year.

L Squared Healthcare Technologies’ is a pharmacogenetic testing Miami leader, covered by Medicare, Commercial Carriers and Medicaid (in applicable states)

Our Pharmacogenetic Panel identifies patients’ metabolic profiles to give physicians the right information when choosing drug therapy options for their patients. Using Next Generation Sequencing technology, we offer the most comprehensive panels of pharmacogenetic tests available on the market today.

The reports are easy-to-read, color coded and based on clinical evidence supported by studies and clinical trials. Also included in the report are therapeutic recommendations that alert physicians when a dose adjustment or alternative drug should be considered. To add L² Healthcare Technologies’ Personalized Medicine Program to your practice, please contact: 866-986-5569, or visit